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At Sandilands we work hard to create a culture that promotes excellent behaviour. We have a clear vision of what good behaviour looks like in order to ensure pupils can learn in a calm, safe and supportive environment that protects them from disruption. Our curriculum and culture is underpinned by a set of 4 shared values and children are expected to follow the classroom charter created collaboratively. This is done so with support from all stakeholders, most importantly our parents and carers.

School values: * Respect * Persevere * Collaborate * Aspire

We work hard to be clear about which behaviours are permitted and prohibited; the values, attitudes, and beliefs we promote and the social norms and routines that should be encouraged throughout our school community. When creating the class charter at the beginning of the year, it is clear to the children how they should behave and what will not be tolerated.

We have some non-negotiable expectations that should go in every class charter and are taught and reinforced daily. This includes all staff modelling these behaviours too.

Non-negotiables for class charters:
● We move around the school on the left hand side calmly and safely
● When we are lining up, we stand one behind the other
● We use good manners to all members of the school community. This includes:
please, thank you, good morning, waiting our turn to talk, holding a door open for
someone, letting an adult pass through a door if they are waiting.
● We tidy all equipment after we have used it and return it to the correct place
● We enter our classrooms calmly and with order
● We use good table manners whilst in the lunch hall
● We use indoor voices whilst inside the school building
● We listen to and follow adult instructions
● We show our utmost kindness and respect to all members of our school community
● Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated, kindness is key

As a Nurture UK accredited school we are inclusive and understand that some pupils require a more bespoke approach to behaviour support and management. In circumstances where this is necessary, this is in consultation with the inclusion team, class teacher(s), parents/carers and outside agencies where appropriate.

We use a traffic light system to reward and remind children of the correct behaviours expected. We also have a streamlined approach to motivating and rewarding our pupils:

● Star of the week
● Handwriting award
● Super Reader
● Times Table RockStars
● Attendance awards: half termly awards given for 100% attendance and 97% and above. Annual award given to pupils achieving 100% attendance across the year. (Please see attendance expectations, procedures and responsibilities for further information) 
● Values Awards half termly

● 50 Smiles party
● Whole class enrichment time - a planned activity/game for the whole class following a display of significant achievement as a collective.

● House points. Pupils are divided into four houses across the school. Each house will have pupils from nursery to Y6. Houses are named:

           ●Emmeline Pankhurst (green), born in Moss Side and a key figure in the
Suffragette movement
           ● Lemn Sissey (yellow), born in Greater Manchester and an influential poet
           ● Alan Turing (purple), the great code breaker who helped the British
government pioneer the technology to decrypt Nazi Germany's secret
communications during World War II. Although born in London he studied in
Manchester and is synonymous with the city having a bridge and road named
after him.
            ● Elizabeth Gaskell (orange) - English novelist and short story writer who lived in Manchester

Pupils who are praised for showing the expected behaviours will be rewarded with house points: these can link directly to showing the 4 school values as well as class charters. These house points are recorded on a shared display in the classrooms. A tally will be taken each week by members of the behaviour panel (Y4/5) and calculated to give a total for each house each week. This is shared in celebration assemblies each week on a leaderboard.

Pupils will work towards a winning house each half term with a reward chosen. The winning house will also receive the house trophy which will be decorated with the colours of their house. This will be communicated to parents and carers through the school newsletter and social media channels.