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The Main Roles of the Governing Body are:

To Provide a Strategic View

The governing body should help to set, and keep under review, the broad policies and procedures within which the Headteacher and staff should run the school.

In all its work, the governing body should focus on the key issues of raising standards of achievement, establishing high expectations and promoting effective teaching and learning.


Monitoring and Challenge

The governing body is responsible for monitoring and evaluating the schools effectiveness, asking challenging questions and pressing for improvement. The headteacher is responsible for leading the school providing high quality education and for the day-to-day management of the school.


To Ensure Accountability

The governing body is responsible for ensuring good quality education in the school and decide on  strategic direction. The headteacher and staff report to the governing body on the school’s performance. It is not the role of governors to rubber-stamp every decision of the headteacher.


Supporting the School

Governors are expected to act as a champion for the school in the local community. Governors are expected to remember the importance of confidentiality, whilst representing specific sections of the school community.




Governor Types and Terms of Office

(1 x Local Authority , 1 x Head , 1 x Staff, 6 x Co-Opted, 3 x Parents )

Name Type Term Ends Pecuniary Interest
Joanna Higginbotham Head n/a Member of school staff
Liz Jones Local Authority 12/05/2025 None
Jenny Thomas Staff 10/03/2027 Member of school staff
Sarah Sanders Co-opted  08/12/2025 Employed at SureStart
Jan Jesson Co-opted 026.06.2028 Child at school.  Qualified Accountant
Lisa Wood Co-opted 28/03/2027 SENDCo Lead at Dixons Brooklands Academy
Daniel Bousfield Co-opted (Vice Chair) 18/03/2024  National Institute of Teaching & Education
Jenny Cummings Co-opted 27/03/2028 Outreach worker
Julie Dawson Co-opted (Chair) 26/06/2028 None
Anna Banas Parent 16/11/2026 Parent of child at school
Amie Wilson Parent 16/11/2026 Parent of child at school
Dan Cook Parent 08/11/2025 Parent of child at school
Jane Murphy Clerk n/a

Our Chair of Governors - Julie Dawson 

Julie Dawson, Chair of Governors                                          

I have been a Governor at Sandilands for 16 years and have been Chair for the last  ten years.

I am mum to three boys, all of whom attended Sandilands. My younger two boys needed extra support at school. Thanks to the excellent teaching and guidance they received from the staff at Sandilands, all three boys were able to successfully complete their education up to the age of 18 and are all currently in employment or Further Education.

Being a governor means that I am able to give something back to the school which helped my children become fully rounded and successful adults they are today. I thoroughly enjoy being a governor and it has enabled me to learn about new areas and gain new skills.

I am very proud to both represent the school and help guide it as it continues to be a vital part of the local community.