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We follow the National Curriculum to plan Geography. We encourage children to develop questions about the human and physical features of the world. Our pupils examine their local environment as well as other countries and examine how and why the world is changing and the impact this has on the environment and the people that live there. At the beginning of each new topic, we assess the children's prior knowledge and think about key questions they would like to find out. We use knowledge mats for each topic and share these with the children so that they have an understanding of their learning and how it relates to them. 

Across key stages, we ensure learning is sequential and that in EYFS and Key Stage 1 learning is more focussed upon our local area and the UK building up to looking at the wider world in Key stage 2.

We also have weekly ‘Where in the World’ sessions where we focus upon one city, country or place and look at the human and physical features alongside other information the children find interesting.

Wherever possible we also link Geography to other curriculum areas so that geography can be explored through subjects such as Art, Science, Maths and Literacy.