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Young people and self-harm  

Information and advice for young people and their parents and carers : 

Levels of self-harm continues to rise amongst our young people and though a taboo subject for many, which adds to stigma and feelings of shame, we need to understand and talk about it more if we are going to find a way to support those affected, provide support at the earliest opportunity, and reduce the incidence of self-harm.  

The difficulty of understanding why someone may hurt themselves and fear of making things worse can stop us engaging with this difficult issue at all.  

NHS Greater Manchester Integrated Care has produced information resources for young people and their parents and carers which explain why people may self-harm, how to talk about it and strategies to help young people manage their emotions before they reach a crisis, while highlighting sources of help. 

Self Harm: A Guide for Young People

Self Harm: A Guide for Parents & Carers



Below is information on different groups and organisations that can help if you are in need of support. Please remember that you can also call the school.

Place2be: List of organisations offering support and advice

Parenting Smart Place2Be videos and resources

National Alliance for Children's grief

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Campaign Lucy Faithful Foundation

Early Help - Support for families using local agencies to work together

The Tree of Life Centre- Food bank centre also sells used furniture and clothing - 07873889637

Safespots   Wythenshawe -Supporting women who have experienced domestic violence  07873889637

Wood Street Mission- Food bank and donates used homeware, some furniture and clothing  0161 8343140

Wythenshawe Food Bank

South Trafford Food Bank

Norbrook Community Centre- 07901822089 

Benchill Community Centre- 01619450879

Addy Young People’s Centre - 01614378950

Wythenshawe Community Housing Group-0300111000

Advice Now- Legal advice

Manchester Child and Family Care 

Age Concern


NSPCC Support for vulnerable children

Extremism and Radicalisation A guide for parents

Bideford Community Centre- 0161 9460506

Child Exploitation - Advice for families if they suspect exploitation by gangs

Child Exploitation Toolkit - Information for families

Child Exploitation Recruitment - Information on the stages of recruitment

Calm Zone - Information to help children to self regulate if they get angry and go in to crisis

Royal Oak Community Centre- 0161 9982146