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Our Staff


Senior Leadership Team:

Headteacher: Mrs Higginbotham

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs Prime

EYFS/KS1 Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Prasad

KS2 Assistant Headteacher: Miss Worthington

SENCo: Mrs Thomas


Inclusion Team:

Mrs Higginbotham

Mrs Prime

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Quirk


Safeguarding Staff:

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Prime,

Deputy Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Higginbotham, Mrs Quirk


Early Years/ Foundation Stage:

Nursery Staff:                                                                                        Reception Staff:

Class Teacher:  Ms Smith                                                                     Class Teachers: Miss Roberts, Mrs Prasad, Miss Grimshaw  

Teaching Assistants:                                                                              Teaching Assistants: Mrs Reid, Miss Carleton, Mrs Stewart

Mrs Walker,

Miss Woods, 

Miss Brookes,

Mrs Annand                                                                                                                                                                  


Key Stage 1:

Year 1:                                                                                               Year 2:

Class Teachers: Miss Powell, Mrs Randall                                          Class Teachers: Mrs Blake, Miss Boyle (PT), 

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Blackburn,                                               Teaching Assistants: Mrs Kenny, Mrs Forest, Mrs Fleming

Mrs Bouzenda                                           


Key Stage 2:

Year 3:                                                                                               Year 4:

Class Teachers: Mrs Sutherland, Mr White                                           Class Teachers: Miss Green, Mrs Moore

Teaching Assistants: Mrs O’Shea,                                                            Teaching Assistants: Ms McGavin,                          

Mrs Mitchell (PT) Mrs Barlow (PT)                                                       


Year 5:                                                                                                Year 6:

Class Teachers: Mr Twist, Miss Jones                                                 Class Teachers: Miss Worthington, Mrs Holt, Miss Austin

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Sim-Mutch, Miss Sass,                            Teaching Assistants:  Mrs Petit

Miss Mahmood                                                                                             


Additional teacher: Ms Baig (PT): ECT/CPD cover, Miss J Wilkinson Y6 & Y2 Booster

Nurture Lead & Pastoral and Family support: Mrs Quirk

Nurture Teaching Assistant: Mrs Bowyer

Spanish Teacher: Mrs McCormack

Peripatetic Music Teacher: Mr Cartwright

After School Club Manager & Attendance: Mrs Ashcroft


Office Staff:

School Business Manager: Zoe Holgate

Finance Officer: Emma Norbury

Admissions and School Administrator: Jill Warwick

Attendance Officer: Michelle Ashcroft




Key Stage One 

Year 1

Year 2

Key Stage Two

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6